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Checked baggage


Your included checked baggage allowance varies depending on your selected fare and destination.

Flights between North America

If you are traveling from Canada or the United States to Mexico or vice versa, our fares include the following:

Light Optima Priority

$25 USD or $36 CAD per bag


1 bagof 25kg (55 lb)


2 bagsof 25kg (110 lb)

Flights from/to Latin America

If you are traveling from Canada to Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Peru or vice versa, our fares include the following:

Light Optima Priority

1 bagof 25kg (55 lb)


1 bagof 25 kg (55 lb)


2 bagsof 25 kg (110 lb)

Do you need to transport additional pieces of baggage to the ones included in your fare?

Interjet allows you to bring up to 5 extra pieces of 25 kg (55 lb) each. It is important to consider that you will have to pay an additional fee from $550 MXN (on routes within Mexico), $25 USD (on routes from/to Latin America or the United States) or $36 CAD (on routes from/to Canada), for each extra piece you add to your checked baggage allowance.

In case you need to travel with musical instruments, sports equipment or pets, they can be transported at no cost, only if you substitute them by pieces included in your checked baggage. The number of checked bags varies depending on the fare you choose. Please refer to Our fares and Special baggage pages for more information.

Special baggage on flights to Cuba

If you are planning to travel to Cuba and you need to bring up baggage that exceeds the weight and dimensions allowed by the fare you selected, you should consider the following policies, costs and restrictions.

The pieces of baggage with greater volume and weight can't contain dangerous or personal use items nor any other fittings which might endanger the aircraft or its passengers. Some examples are:

Fees are charged for each additional bag. If you need to carry more pieces of baggage, additional charges will apply.

All charges are based on where the purchase takes place. In Canada, the charge for transporting special baggage will be determined by the exchange rate in force at the moment of the purchase.

It is important to consider that you can carry up to 7 pieces of special baggage and they are subject to space availability on the plane. Passengers must claim their baggage at the destination airport. Interjet won’t do home deliveries.