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    If you don’t know what to do in Bogotá, the first thing you should do as soon as you get off the plane is going to Usaquén; here you will taste the best Colombian cuisine and feel the classic atmosphere of one of the most folkloric cities in Latin America. Fall in love with the kindness and the accent of its people; purchase flight tickets with the best offers that only Interjet has and travel to the heart of Colombia.

    Flights to Bogota Cartagena de Indias

    A place that inspires romance

    Cartagena de Indias is a place you should go. This city combines perfectly the modernity of a touristic attraction with the charm of a colorful town and the most amazing natural landscapes: the sunsets are something you’ll want to treasure in your memory. In fact, this walled city inspired Gabriel García Márquez to write Love in Times of Anger; yes, that famous love story.

    Flights to Bogota Villa de Leyva

    Admire the beauty of Villa de Leyva

    Immerse in the country and drink a delicious Colombian coffee (considered the best coffee in the world) while you observe how the sun rises from the beautiful landscapes of Villa de Leyva, one of Colombia’s most beautiful towns. Its colonial style and quiet atmosphere will make you forget of everything else. Besides, this is the place of some remarkable events like the Comet Festival and the Light Festival. Prepare to be amazed!

    Flights to Bogota Lost City

    Feel like an adventurer

    Keep traveling through time and discover the Lost City, an archeological site located next to Buritaca river; you can only reach this destination strolling during three days. We promise you that once you get there, the sound of the birds and the impressive view will be the perfect reward for one of the most important adventures of your life.

    You cannot leave this country without going to Guatape and climb Piedra del Peñol (Peñol’s Rock); from the top you’ll be able to appreciate one of the world’s most mesmerizing landscapes. And the best part? It’s just a couple of hours from the cosmopolitan city of Medellín.

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