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    Fall in love with Ecuador’s coastal metropolis

    Known as the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’, Guayaquil is Ecuador’s coastal powerhouse, punching well above its weight culturally as well as economically. This rapidly growing city is steeped in history, unique street art, delicious gastronomy, and some of the best sunsets in the Americas. Guayaquil’s climate attracts visitors year-round and has an expanding tourism industry with upscale hotels and new seaside activities emerging over the last few years.

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    Discover amazing natural wonders

    Hundreds of unique animal species, wild landscapes, and sprawling sandy beaches adorn the shores of Guayaquil and surrounding areas. To add to the allure of this fantastic destination, the city has a strong uprising of fashionable restaurants and cafés that make enjoying the sunset with a cocktail in hand a simply unforgettable experience! Nearby Santay Island and the Morro mangroves are protected areas, but guided tours offer the change to see some colorful migratory birds, strange looking reptiles, and an enormous array of saltwater and freshwater fish. Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, so don’t leave without admiring the local wildlife!

    Flights to Guayaquil, Historic Downtown

    Cultural Guayaquil

    Guayaquil’s flourishing art scene is constantly developing and offers everything from huge street murals to established galleries showcasing the best from national artists. After a day of appreciating art, the city has a never-ending list of restaurants to satisfy your hunger. We recommend trying traditional local seafood dishes, colorful street food, or even some authentic deep-dish pizza. Guayaquil really does have something for everyone!

    Flights to Guayaquil, Galápagos Islands

    Galapagos Islands

    If you’re craving even more adventure after a few days on the mainland, worry not. Guayaquil is the main departure point to the Galapagos Islands, a string of pacific islands home to truly unique animals such as giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and flightless birds. The crystal-clear waters that surround the islands are perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and the white beaches are ideal for observing slumbering sea lions, just as Charles Darwin once did as he contemplated his theory of evolution! The islands’ eco-lodges and oceanside cabins are the perfect way to get in touch with your wild side and have a nature friendly experience during your stay.

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