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    Discover its incredible mountain landscapes

    Its large territorial extension, its variety of microclimates, its interesting traditions and its fascinating culture, make Chihuahua a destination that deserves to be enjoyed step by step.

    If you still don’t know what to do in Chihuahua, we share you a list with the most representative tourist sites of this magnificent state, in order to enjoy a leisure or business trip.

    Flights to Chihuahua

    Casas Grandes

    Walk around the forests on the slopes of Sierra Madre Occidental. You will find Casas Grandes, one of the three Magic Towns of Chihuahua. Here you can also visit the Archaeological Zone of Paquimé, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Flights to Chihuahua


    This town is located at the Copper Canyon, a place where you can find waterfalls, rock formations, lagoons, forests, caves and ancestral traditions. You can discover them by taking El Chepe, a famous train that connects Chihuahua with Los Mochis (Sinaloa).

    Flights to Chihuahua

    Basaseachic Falls

    Located at Barranca de Candameña, this spectacular waterfall (the second highest in the country) is surrounded by the imposing mountains of Sierra Tarahumara and forests of pines, oaks, acacias, alders and some species of agave.

    Nombre de Dios Caves

    Just 15 minutes away from the Historic Center, you can find these caves. Here, you will be able to appreciate both stalactites and stalagmites, which took thousands of years to form.

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