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    History, culture, natural beauties and fun. This destination has it all!

    If you learn more about its name or walk around the walls of its buildings, you will soon realize that Ciudad Obregón is a city marked by history. In its parks and squares, you can find representative symbols of the Mexican Revolution and the Yaqui culture.

    Whether you are looking for cheap flights to Ciudad Obregón and you wonder what to visit at this destination, here we give you some recommendations:

    Oviachic Dam

    Also known as Álvaro Obregón Dam, in honor of the 46th Mexican president, it uses the waters of the Yaqui River and provides electrical power to the city. Besides, it is a source of employment for the agricultural areas. Due to its territorial extension, abundant vegetation and cool climate, this place allows practicing ecological activities such as sport fishing, hiking, cycling and boat riding.

    Yaquis Stadium

    In Ciudad Obregón, baseball is considered the king of sports. Thanks to its big number of supporters, it is one of the most popular and representative constructions at the city. It is also the ideal place to have fun, no matter if you go alone or with your family and friends.

    San Carlos Bay

    San Carlos is a beach of thin white sand located at the Sea of Cortez, just 130 km away from the city center. Here, you can witness a landscape with the typical desert-adapted vegetation, gentle waves and wonderful dunes in any of its most representative beaches: Playa de los Algodones, Playa San Francisco and Playa Piedras Finas.

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