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    Immerse yourself in Mexican history in the Sinaloa way

    This destination, located on the slopes of Sierra Madre Occidental, offers more than desert landscapes and warm climate. Nicknamed as “City of the 3 Rivers”, its official name is Culiacán de los Rosales.

    The capital of the state of Sinaloa is a fertile place, rich in culture, history and nature, for this reason, it is a good option for you next vacation. Look for cheap flights to Culiacán and discover the treasures of this city. Here we mention some of them:

    Flights to Culiacan

    Take a stroll around the city

    One of Culiacan’s greatest attractions are the historic and design-filled streets. The Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Cathedral is a must see, as it serves as the main entrance to the La Lomita hill, where you’ll get the best panoramic views of the city. Take a stroll down the Parque de las Riberas, where you will have lots of fun with family and friends while enjoying a picnic or rowing in its famous lake.

    Flights to Culiacan


    This town in Sinaloa is not only special because its dunes and virgin beaches, in 1864, Altata witnessed the victory of 400 soldiers who fought against French invaders.

    Flights to Culiacan

    El Fuerte, Sinaloa

    Three hundred km away from Culiacán, you can find this Magic Town that charms with nature, history, architecture, culture and yoreme traditions. If you visit the fortress that gives its name to the town, you will learn more about the battles of the Mayo Indians against the Spanish, because this is a space for culture, amusement and knowledge.

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