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    Know Veracruz’s best kept secret

    For those who want to escape from the city there’s nothing like going to Veracruz, but without a doubt Minatitlán is one of its best kept secrets, a destination full of activities perfect for those who want to forget the problems at work and relax during the weekend. Imagine you are already there enjoying a delicious tamale with a cup of coffee and purchase flight tickets to Minatitlán at the best price.

    Live a pre-Hispanic legend

    If you’re passionate about Archeology, we recommend you visiting Lomas de Tacojalpan, a site established by the Olmecans during pre-Hispanic times; in this place of more than 1,300 acres a three-headed 2 miles long snake that, according to legend, one of them points to a treasure not yet discovered.

    Experience your ecological side

    Minatitlán has many activities oriented for those who enjoy nature and eco-tourism, like La Montaña national park, a protected area with guided visits, or take a tour on a boat through the Minatitlán bank. If you are ready for some thrills, take your kayak and sail through Manatí’s National Water Park; in Interjet we have special fares so you can bring with you all the sports equipment you need.

    Enjoy one of Veracruz’s best kept secrets and purchase flight tickets to Minatitlán. This destination is the perfect cure for stress.

    Discover the landscapes of Minatitlán with Interjet