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    Let the biodiversity of Tabasco’s destinations surprise you!

    As soon as you have your flight tickets to Villahermosa ready, you’ll have in your hands the entry to a paradise where green areas, millennial traditions and great food come together to amaze the senses of those who visit Tabasco’s capital. Admire the beauty of the jaguar and know more about the initiatives to preserve this animal, or delight the regional cuisine, the perfect marriage between Mayan and Spanish gastronomy. Visit Villahermosa, take our deals and fall in love with its magic.

    Flights to Villahermosa La Venta

    Go to La Venta

    One of the most important settlements of Olmeca culture, La Venta used to be a ceremonial center where priests, artisans and farmers prayed to the gods for better harvests. Among its attractions you’ll find the oldest pyramid of Mesoamerica.

    Flights to Villahermosa Tapijulapa

    Experience the heavenly Tapijulapa

    This Magic Town can be found an hour and a half from Villahermosa. Surrounded by falls and gardens, it’s the perfect spot to relax. Once you get there, we recommend you to go to Villa Luz, a estate park which has a little museum and a main waterfall that you’ll want to photograph the moment you see it.

    Flights to Villahermosa Comalcalco

    Explore Comalcalco’s cocoa route

    Known as the pearl of Chontalpa, this city is the number one cocoa producer and exporter in Mexico and one of the best places in the world to buy and eat chocolate. If you cannot live without this delicacy, this is a place you need to visit; as soon as you buy all the chocolate you want, we recommend you to visit its archeological site, because Comalcalco is one of the few cities that exist since the Mayans.

    Flights to Villahermosa Jaguar

    Reconnect with nature

    If something sets Tabasco apart is the several initiatives to preserve nature and the eco-tourism activities it offers to its visitors. Stay in the middle of nature in Agua Selva, an eco-park located in Huimanguillo, where you’ll be able to stroll with your pet; you just need to comply with certain rules and have everything ready at the moment to travel with your little friend. In Yumká you can watch jaguars closely and know more about the preservation of this and many other species. You can also visit Kolem Jaá to practice outdoor activities like strolling and hiking, or visit the Centlá swamp, a protected area where you’ll be able to see hundreds of birds, mammals and reptiles.

    Whether you are a lover of nature or a chocolate foodie, booking flight tickets to Villahermosa is the best decision you can make to have one of a kind vacations.

    Feel the adventure in Villahermosa with Interjet!