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    Start the best adventures of your life and discover one of the countries with more tradition and culture in the world: Peru. The gastronomy, architecture and history of the South American country are reason enough for you visiting Peru. Here we recommend you some of Peru’s best touristic destinations, so you only need to book flight tickets with Interjet and have the best deals.

    The first thing you should do is visiting Cusco. Here you can eat a delicious ceviche accompanied with Peruvian causa, the typical beverage of the region. Besides being  one of the most beautiful cities in Peru, Cusco will be the starting point to go to places like Ollantaytambo or Pisac.

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    The ruins of Machu Picchu

    Without a doubt, you should visit this Inca city, considered a World Heritage landmark and one of the new seven wonders of the world. The buildings constructed between the Andes are majestic; besides, the natural beauty that surrounds the place creates wonderful sunrises where the fog will make you feel you are above the clouds, and the sunsets are a spectacle you’ll remember for all your life.

    Flights to Lima

    Seven color mountain

    To appreciate this “rainbow” mountain you shloud walk for many hours through green landscapes, ancient towns and amazing views; it is a difficult journey, but it’s all worth as soon as you reach the top and appreciate the beautiful landscape that seems to be a painting. Something you cannot miss the chance to see.

    Flights to Lima

    Nazca Lines

    These traces on the mountains were made by Nazcan culture and encompass most of the dessert of the same name. The designs go from simple shapes to figures that resemble animals like hummingbirds and monkeys or beings from another planet. One would think they are visible from above, but they can only be watched from a hill.

    Now you know what to do in Peru, you just need to pack your luggage; Interjet has special fares so you can take even your pet if you want.

    Let’s go and discover the world!