Special baggage

Take everything you need for your trip

In Interjet we want you to travel your way. Be it you want to surf in Los Cabos or taking with your favorite instrument or golf equipment with you,we have everything ready in order that your only worry is to enjoy your trip. Take into account our considerations regarding special baggage.

Musical instruments that can be baggage

Musical instruments

If you’re taking musical instruments with you, they can fly as carry-on baggage if they are packed in a hard case that doesn’t exceed the following dimensions: 40 x 30 x 22 cm (15 x 12 x 9 in). The maximum allowed weight is 10 kg (22 lbs).

If your musical instruments exceed the limits of the carry-on baggage, they will have to fly as checked baggage. The suitcase should not exceed 2 m (78 in) in length, nor weigh more than 30 kg (66 lbs).

In case of delicate or voluminous musical instruments, they may occupy an additional seat, involving a full fare seat payment. If musical instruments are transported this way, they should not exceed 2 m (78 in) in length or weigh more than 46 kg (101 lbs).

Carry-on musical instruments dimensions
Checked baggage musical instruments dimensions

Sports equipment

Due to space limitations, sports equipment can only be transported as checked baggage. Depending on the type of items you carry, it is important to consider the restrictions of weight and length, 30 kg (66 lb) and 138 in (3.50 m), in order to be transported by Interjet.

Sports equipment

Please take into account the following specifications:

  • Bicycles (non-motorized touring or racing bikes). They need to have just one seat, folding handlebars, loose pedals and airless tires. Passengers are not permitted to carry compressed air cylinders.
  • Golf equipment. It consists in a golf bag containing clubs, golf balls and one pair of golf shoes. These items count as one piece of baggage and must be suitably packed in rigid and/or hard shell container, specifically designed for shipping.
  • Fishing equipment. You can travel with a fishing rod, reel, fishing lines (nylon, Dyneema or Spectra), hooks, lures, baits, weights, corks and a fishing net. All equipment must be transported in a rigid case or container bag.
  • Scuba gear. You can bring an empty tank of less than 40 PSI, manometer, a snorkel, a harpoon, a pair of fins, safety vest, a weight belt, a regulator and a diving mask.
  • Surfboard. You may choose to travel with a surfboard, kitesurfing equipment or a boogie board.
  • Hunting gear. Only may be transported those that are not considered as firearms (ARPEL).

If you want to know the transportation costs of your musical instrument or sports equipment, review our table of Complementary services for your flight.

Maximum weight sports equipment
Maximum lenght sports equipment

Mobility aids

In addition to the regular baggage allowance, Interjet will accept, without charge, as priority checked baggage, mobility aids, including:

  • An electric wheelchair (with non-spillable batteries only).
  • A scooter or a manually operated rigid-frame wheelchair.
  • A manually operated folding wheelchair.
  • A walker, a cane, crutches or braces.
  • Any device that assists the person to communicate.
  • Any prosthesis or medical device.
Mobility aid examples

None of the previously mentioned items is subject to our baggage policy, which means that can be transported at no cost. However, due to space limitations, these objects can only be transported as checked baggage.

Is your baggage bigger than you expected? We've got your back

If you need to bring up baggage that exceeds the weight and dimensions allowed by our fares, you should consider the following policies, costs and restrictions.

The pieces of baggage with greater volume and weight can't contain dangerous or personal use items, nor any other fittings which might endanger the aircraft or its passengers.

Some examples that can be considered in this category and can be transported as checked baggage are: packed baggages, air conditioners, flat-panel TVs, and tires. If you travel to Cuba, you can check as special baggage car defenses..

Air conditioner and mini splits dimensions
Flat-panel TV dimensions
Packed baggage dimensions
Rim dimensions
Tires dimensions
Car defense dimensions

Fees are charged for each additional bag. If you need to carry more pieces of baggage, additional charges will apply.

All charges are based on where the purchase takes place. In Canada, the charge for transporting special baggage will be determined by the exchange rate in force at the moment of the purchase.

It is important to consider that you can carry up to 7 pieces of special baggage and they are subject to space availability on the plane. Passengers must claim their baggage at the destination airport. Interjet won’t do home deliveries.

Flights departing from Mexico

  • 1 piece of special baggage: $2,500 MXN
  • 2 pieces of special baggage: $3,400 MXN
  • 3 pieces of special baggage: $5,200 MXN
  • 4 pieces of special baggage: $7,000 MXN
  • 5 pieces of special baggage: $9,700 MXN
  • 6 pieces of special baggage: $12,400 MXN
  • 7 pieces of special baggage: $15,100 MXN

Flights departing outside Mexico

  • 1 piece of special baggage: $130 USD
  • 2 pieces of special baggage: $175 USD
  • 3 pieces of special baggage: $265 USD
  • 4 pieces of special baggage: $355 USD
  • 5 pieces of special baggage: $490 USD
  • 6 pieces of special baggage: $625 USD
  • 7 pieces of special baggage: $760 USD