More for less

travel more for less

The best service offer during every day!

Most comfortable space, 34-inch seat pitch, we give you more space than any other airline in Mexico.

space between seats

For us it is very important you can fly comfortable so we decided to remove up to 30 seats in each of our aircraft.

Discount for senior citizens

seniors discount

¡Take advantage of your 15% discount on your next trip!

You can check up to 75 Kg of luggage per passenger. Here some examples of how you can combine your baggage:

interjet baggage allowance

Lowest excess baggage charge, pay only $5 usd per 2.2 lbs / 1 kg.

More important information:
  • Top 47 domestic and international destinations
  • Women Designated Restroom
  • Cameras in takeoffs and landings
  • If available, you can advance your flight on the same day without extra cost.